How to write a good compare and contrast essay

            A comparing and contrasting essay is one of the simplest and common essays for students to write throughout their academic career. The essay asks you to spot differences and similarities between two concepts, objects, ideas or even people. Depending on the complexity of the instructions, one may have to write a basic or an analytical essay. To compose a good comparison and contrasting essay that impresses your professor, observe the following guidelines and visit homepage of EssayBasics service to get more information about essay writing.

Understand what you are writing

A compare and contrast essay requires you to pick two different things, objects or ideas and discuss the similarities they share and the differences that separate them. You may consider events, books, people, lifestyles, points of view. You need to employ critical thinking and come up with ideal arguments of how two things are different and similar. Pick two subjects that you are sure you can compare and contrast easily. Also, select items that share a common category or subjects with surprising similarities which are not prominent or objects that appear similar but are different.

Identify the best differences and similarities

            Brainstorm on your topic. Take time to think about this topic and come up with ideas that will make your essay interesting. One of the best ideas is identifying the best points to discuss. You will not be able to address every aspect of your subject; therefore, select a few points that stand out. For instance, when comparing and contrasting Vegan and Paleo diets, you need to pick specific points that will irrefutably show how these diets differ or compare to each other. Begin by writing down all your points to get the full picture, and then put the points into categories depending on their strengths. Once you do this, narrow them down to the major once.

Come up with an impressive thesis

The objective of writing an excellent essay is to compare and contrast different subjects. Therefore, coming up with a thesis statement is simple. With similarities and differences mapped out, establish your focus for writing in various ways. Determine what is relevant in this assignment, what points are the most appealing and enlightening, what the fundamental idea of your topic is and which similarities and differences are essential. Once you establish all these aspects, incorporate them together and develop a killer thesis.

Learn how to organize your paper

When writing an excellent compare and contrast composition, you can choose to employ either of the two methods available. One is the point-by-point method. The technique takes general ideas and breaks them into three topics, then writes their similarities and differences. For instance, in the issue of Paleo and Vegan diets, the essay can discuss how an individual’s desire leads to choosing one or the other diet for better health or weight loss. On the other hand, the block method discusses both similarities and differences of one side first and then the other side. For instance, you can explain what makes the Vegan diet good or bad in the first three paragraphs then what makes the Paleo diet good or bad in the subsequent paragraphs.


A good comparison and contrasting essay points out both the disparities and similarities between the two objects or ideas and also utilizes these points to come up with a significant argument. By following these guidelines, you will be in a position to draft an excellent compare and contrast essay.









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